Basketball+ Skill Lab

Location: 465 W Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY 14445

What We Offer

Personal Training

Groups of 1-4 Players

Skill Lab

Large Group (5+)

Shooting Lab

Access to Dr. Dish Shooting Machine

About Coach Jake

Jake Russell

Ceo - Founder

  • Trained athletes from PreK to Professional

  • Division II NCAA Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

  • Coached at the High School and Middle School and Elementary Levels


  • I'M Possible Skills Trainer

  • USA Gold Licensed

  • Ph.D. Hoops Basketball Trainer

Types of Training

  • Personal (1-4 Players)

  • Group (5+ Players)

  • Team Training

  • Camps (20+ players)

  • Academy (8hr, 12 players)

More about Basketball+ Skill Development

Basketball+ is Powered by I'm Possible Training

What does that mean?

I’m Possible Training is the world’s largest basketball training organization. The methods used in this program are the same methods used by Micah Lancaster (founder of I’m Possible) and other I’m Possible trainers to train NBA players such as Kyrie Irving, Victor Oladipo, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Brandon Ingram.

What is Skill Enhancement Training?

Past Clinics

Christmas Clinic 2022, 3rd-8th

Coach Zach and Coach Jake

Christmas Clinic 2022, K-2

Coach Jake and Coach Zach

Skill Academy 2022

Coach Ashley & Coach Jake

Summer Skill Academy

Coach Jake and Coach Vinny

Summer Clinic 2021

Pinnacle Athletic Campus

Fall Clinic 2021

Christmas Clinic 2022

Victor Central Schools

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